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A new way of teaching Greek pt.5 - Wow factor

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It isn’t a stretch to say that we are entering into a new era of publishing. E-books outsell print books now. At the same time, the major Bible software guys have great iPad apps to carry around your library on your tablet device. There are also companies like vook, Inkling, and Apple’s free iBooks Author that make it possible to create eBooks with multimedia content built right in and available to purchase right from tablets! Vook is great because it distributes via Kindle and iBooks store, Inkling is great because of its social media components and its ability to sell each book as a standalone app.

Publishing is changing, and of all of the types of books in the world, I can’t think of a better type of book to embrace these enhancements than textbooks.

Once I complete the textbook and all of its components, I want people to say WOW! Here are the WOW factors:

  • Wow because I’m hoping to be the first enhanced intro Greek textbook (called enhance eBooks)
  • Wow because it  embraces an entirely new philosophy of teaching Greek.
  • Wow because it is a textbook that can be used for a single semester or for a traditional 2-semester course.
  • Wow because while many intro Greek grammars have claimed that they are suited for self-study, instruction videos will be embedded right in this textbook.
  • Wow because it will include an entirely free PDF workbook and answer key.
  • Wow because the textbook will have a lot of audio in it. They’ll be able to hear the words being read from the vocabulary lists, sentence examples, etc.
  • Wow because the user will be receiving Logos training videos embedded right in the text.
  • Wow because I will leverage some great new multimedia products and apps to complement the learning process [full disclosure: I’m talking about the singing grammarian, ParseGreek, and my  yet to be released flashcard app FlashGreek]. I’m even hoping to work out something with Kregel (publisher of the Singing Grammarian) whereby I can embed my songs right into the book.
  • Wow because after all of this, I still want to respect those who don’t have a tablet by making the book available as a print book, with the video and audio components available on my site.
 I don’t want my textbook to be just another in the field, I want to redefine the field itself. Ambitious, I know. But why not dream big and aim high? Now all I need to do is find a publisher….

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