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A new way of teaching Greek pt.3 - What

See pt.1 here and pt.2 here

As I mentioned in my first post, once this new curriculum came, I had the trouble of having no textbook. I evaluated every major intro Greek textbook, some lesser known textbooks, and even an unpublished one from another seminary. ┬áNothing was going to work and I had to spend a huge chunk of my summer writing an intro Greek textbook. I preliminarily called it “New Testament Greek: A Stripped Down Approach”

When I was done last summer the chapter outline looked like this:

  1. Signs and Sounds of Greek
  2. Greek Nouns
  3. Greek Indicative Verbs
  4. The Article, Adjectives, Pronouns, and Numbers
  5. Adverbs, Prepositions, Phrases, and Clauses
  6. Participles
  7. Non-Indicative Verbs
  8. Infinitives

We have 12 weeks of classes, so I spent 2 weeks on ch.2, 3 weeks on ch.3, and 2 weeks on ch.6.

After this year I have decided to make the textbook better reflect the way I taught the course. At the end of this summer, the chapter outline will be:

  1. Signs and Sounds of Greek
  2. How Greek Nouns are Formed
  3. How Noun Cases Function
  4. Greek Indicative Verbs
  5. Irregular Indicative Verb Patterns
  6. The Article, Adjectives, Pronouns, and Numbers
  7. Adverbs, Prepositions, Phrases, and Clauses
  8. Participle Formation
  9. Participle Function
  10. Non-Indicative Verbs
  11. Infinitives

I’ll also be adding an “essential introduction” and a 2-page English warm-up to most of the chapters.

In addition to the writing and re-writing of the grammar, I’ll be creating numerous 5-minute videos that will be interspersed throughout the grammar - both for teaching the grammar and how to use Bible software. I have also created exercises which I’ll be revising, and an answer key which I’ll work on through this year.

I hope to publish it all the following year as an enhanced e-pub, with the videos embedded and the workbook as a free PDF.

Another aspect of the grammar and workbook is integration with Bible software. I made the difficult decision this year of choosing Logos Bible software for my students, at least initially. It was a difficult decision because I’m a heavy user of both Accordance and Logos and appreciate them both. I made the decision to go with Logos because it is native across all platforms and a little more affordable. This past year I encouraged students to buy either Accordance or Logos - however this made my task of introducing and teaching two platforms very difficult. Choosing 1 for now will make life easier for me. In the future I think I will probably make supplemental exercises and videos for Accordance as well.

I’ll talk in my next post about why and how I integrate Logos bible software.

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